Now why am I doing this? (Revised)


Saint Dymphna

Saint Dymphna

At the urging of friends, family…, I have decided to start blogging.  When I first started, I was not exactly sure who my audience would be, what my objectives were, or if this endeavor would prove to be worthwhile.  But I decided to give it a try and see what emerged.  I suspected it would end up part-musing,  part-rant.  After a few weeks, I found myself drawn to posts that would further clarify ideas discussed in treatment, give additional background information, or discuss news headlines that are applicable to my practice.  Therefore, I have decided to link this blog with my professional website and abandon anonymity.   I will continue to maintain the utmost level of confidentiality, and all (if any) patient references will be confabulated.


A little about myself:  I am a private-practice, outpatient psychiatrist who does psychotherapy as well as medication management.  I am very interested in integrative psychiatry and “mind-body-spirit” medicine, with particular interest in Christian psychiatry.  I live and practice in the heart of “the Bible-belt” and “Tornado Alley”.  I currently work  part-time… it seems to be the best balance for now as I am also the mother of two boys, both under age 5. My current professional interests include Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (as per Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn);  Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for weight loss ( Judith Beck, PhD), and trying to convince my  friends and patients that doing Yoga and/or meditation doesn’t mean they love Jesus any less.


Why Dymphna?  Given the initial goal of anonymity, I tried to find a name with some tie to mental health.  St. Dymphna is the patron saint of mental health professionals, those who suffer from mental illnesses and nervous system disorders, and happy families.  Not too bad… plus she’s Irish.  It’s my nod to my “Bubba” who was both Irish and Catholic and who always believed in me (even when I converted to a Protestant faith).  She is now in her heavenly home and I miss her.  All things considered, I have decided to leave the name of the blog unchanged.  I hope you enjoy!

~ by drdymphna on July 5, 2008.

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