Should Christians Take Antidepressant Medications?

antidepressantsThe decision to seek treatment for any condition can be a difficult one.  The decision to seek treatment for depression and anxiety can be made significantly more difficult by current social stigmas and also by one’s interpretation of religious beliefs.  This question represents so many other questions that can become barriers to treatment: If I seek treatment, does it mean I don’t have enough faith in God’s healing power?  If I seek treatment, does it mean that there is something really wrong with me?  If I seek treatment and someone finds out, will they judge me in a negative manor?  I have lost count of how many believers have delayed or avoided treatment for these very reasons; not to mention how many stop treatment prematurely so they can “get back to thinking that there’s nothing wrong” with themselves.  These same people generally would not hesitate to seek treatment for high blood pressure or diabetes.


My response is this: Our bodies are temples that we are entrusted with caring for.  We are an incredible collection of cells, nerves, chemicals, and more that are continually changing in response to biologic, psychological, and social factors.  Sometimes our chemistry can become unbalanced necessitating the use of antidepressant medication to correct states of depression and anxiety when they cause dysfunction in our lives.  Depression and anxiety are not punishment; they are real medical conditions that can respond to specific treatments.  To not take the steps needed to maintain our bodies would be far more wrong and damaging; sometimes this might mean taking medications in addition to doing therapy and other activities.  Have faith that the God of the Universe is not limited in His capacity to heal: that healing may very well be accomplished through any variety of treatment modalities including medications. Find a physician, who understands your beliefs and listens to you, but don’t avoid or delay getting the help you need.

~ by drdymphna on November 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “Should Christians Take Antidepressant Medications?”

  1. thanks for the insight on seeking medical help in dealing with depression. I have been in a similar situation until I read this article. I am a Christian who understands that suffering(physical or emotional) is an integral part of human existence. I have been depressed since I was a little kid and it even became worse as an adult with many challenges of life staring me in the face on a daily basis.
    I often feel tons of guilt when I feel depressed or anxious about certain situations. I recently came across some medication that looks promising to relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety. I ordered the product and am awaiting the shipment in a few days time. The problem is I feel as if my using such medication signifies my lack of faith and trust in God.
    Your opinion makes much sense and I would very much appreciate if you can throw more light on this issue.
    PS: By the way, the product(Neu-BeCalm’d) is natural-ased food supplement posing no side-effects.
    Please advise me. I have prayed for grace and strenght to overcome depression and anxiety but it doesn’t seem to go away and it’s causes problems to my health and relationship with others.

  2. good stuff!

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